Doctor Girl - Fool Me Once Shame On You....

I saw the doctor girl again the other day. I must say she is quite cute. I have now discovered she is only one year in age difference from MISS. We talked a lot about age and maturity levels. Her view is, age is just a number. She says you have to go on the individuals maturity level not the number. I 100% agree. She told me she got some sort of cool make-up kit for Christmas that she seemed to be very excited about. Ordinarily this would not have really stuck out in my mind, but coming from dating someone that actually has  issues with make-up it's kind of cool to hear someone talk normally. 

So asking a few more questions I find out that she seems to be more grounded. She loves her parents and her siblings. She's just interested in starting her own life. She said that when she goes home, they still think of her as a little girl and not as an adult. And it's not worth fighting over. It's almost like this girl knows the exact right things to say. She had on some really cute jeans and some tall boots. She's about 5'7",108 pounds, and long beautiful brunette hair.

Now for The Million Dollar question. Would you like to go see Taylor Swift with me? Her answer......... I would love to. When?

Wait stop everything right here for a second. You're telling me yes and you're only question is when? She didn't give me any excuses about church? I guess I need to listen to myself more often. You definitely teach people how to treat you. I totally taught MISS that she could treat me in an unacceptable way. I will take all of the blame here. None of it goes on her.

I know what I would be thinking if I were MISS or her friends. How much could he really have liked you if he's already asking another girl out? I will answer that question for you. I liked her a lot. In fact you could say I adored her. It's been over 4 weeks since she abandoned me in El Paso, Texas. I haven't received a letter, email, phone call, nothing. Even at this juncture I don't know that I could take her back because it would be so hard to trust that she would not do that to me again. Fool me once, shame on you - Fool me twice......
So what else am I supposed to do. There's a really cute girl that likes me, I'm supposed to just sit around and wait on someone that obviously didn't care as much about the relationship as I did. I have to force myself to move on and realize that it was all lies and delusions with MISS. I have to just start moving forward and forget this whole thing ever even happened. That's what she has done so that's what I will do. She decided a month ago (12-25-12) that I wasn't worth fighting for. That hurts because she always told me that I was, but nevertheless her actions say I was not.