It's kind of funny how I have been hearing from people that I haven't heard from in a while. MISS a few months ago and now Goldilocks (Some of you may remember her.)  She called and asked if I wanted to come see her. I've been very down and depressed just not doing much of anything. I ask people all the time how's that working for you? It's not working and has not been working well for me at all. It's not like MISS is going to actually put forth the effort to come to San Angelo to actually talk to me. She hasn't called or communicated with me either. I'm guessing for one of two reasons.
Reason one, because she doesn't want to.
Reason two, she's acting like she's 12 years old and letting her family control her.
Who knows and at this point who cares. Either way those are horrible reasons/excuses. She's done with me so I have no choice but to be done with her. I have figured out that I will not get any closure from her. So I will just get closure myself.

Goldilocks was telling me that she remembers going to see a concert with me that Taylor Swift was the opening act for. Goldilocks said that when the concert was over I looked at her and said that girl is going to be a huge star. Taylor Swift only had one hit song and she was like 16. Obviously I was right. It's funny how Goldilocks remembers little things like that. She was also telling me that she totally got hooked on the TV show Dallas after we broke up. She said her and some girlfriends even went to Dallas to see SouthFork for her birthday. I guess some girls don't just completely forget about me.

Getting out of town will be good for me anyway.