Interesting Experience With The US Post Office - Part 6

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Here's the deal. I grew up in a terrible family environment. You (MISS)  know much more about it then I told here. So I'm not saying what you're going through with your family is small or trivial but it could be worse.

Let's put some of that in perspective. I was physically abused and psychologically and emotionally abused. Your family is upset because of your dating choices? I have never been married, I don't have any children, I am not a convicted felon, and I'm not trying to marry you. Really how bad could it be that you want to date me? But the first sign of trouble with me and you vanish. I have not done the best things in the world to help you fight for me but I cannot change them now. Besides, I used to always tell you things are only as big a deal as you make them. If I've done things that you can forgive that's all that's important.

I am sorry that I ever answered your email. I'm sorry for you. Perhaps you would be happier and with someone that your family actually approves of. I can't go back and not answer the email. But I can vanish from communicating with you from this moment forward. Which I have already done.

You and I know we already had an interesting experience with the US Post Office. So I'm not worried about that either. So being that you can't email me or call me or text me, I am very confident we will never communicate again. Sometime I will post the remaining post that I have already written whenever I'm ready. You are young and you still have a chance. Just always remember you want to be able to look back and say, "Gee I'm glad I did." I know you're special, smart and beautiful. I totally adored you and I wish the best for you.

What do I have to do to get some more people to leave some comments? Are you telling me none of you have an opinion? You can post anonymously or you can choose to post with your name. I approve 99.9% of all the comments. Only if they contain cussing or something like that do not approve them. If you look back there have been plenty of comments that are not that nice towards me. And that's fine. I'm asking for your opinion. Of course if you want to leave a comment that is nice towards me that would be super great.