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MacWorld is coming up and I can't wait to go. I've been going for the past four or five years and it's ton's of fun. It's also kind of cool to get to see some of my friends that I only get to see once a year. Don't laugh but I'm kind of an Apple nerd.

Stay tuned I still have an amazing story about meeting Shania Twain coming out in the next few days.

What do I have to do to get some more people to leave some comments? Are you telling me none of you have an opinion? You can post anonymously or you can choose to post with your name. I approve 99.9% of all the comments. Only if they contain cussing or something like that do not approve them. If you look back there have been plenty of comments that are not that nice towards me. And that's fine. I'm asking for your opinion. Of course if you want to leave a comment that is nice towards me that would be super great.