MISS DEAL - Recap of Christmas Day

After plans being made and changed all day, about 4 o'clock she wants me to come to her uncle's house. Keep in mind I was at the same house the night before. We had dinner and had an overall good time. When I arrive, she comes outside and informs me that her uncle would like to talk to me alone and then her alone. (I must admit at that very moment in time I felt like I might be dating someone way too immature for me.) I informed her that will not work for me.Shania Twain Anything he wants to say to me you can hear. And I would appreciate the same. She agrees. I also say let's make a deal that no matter what is said when we go inside that we're going to come back out here and talk over what was said inside. After all this is our relationship not her family's.

She completely agrees and even says we can go eat afterwards or go to Starbucks. We go inside and sit down and the uncle informs me that he's relaying to me her parents wishes. He states that they don't want her dating me or they don't want her dating anyone. He advises me to get my car keys out and drive back to San Angelo. He's very nice about this. I state that she's got some problems being honest with her parents. And she's told me that her father is abusive towards her. As soon as I say that more family members suddenly show up around the table. I look at her and say tell them. Tell them what you've told me. They escalate asking me to leave. I stated I thought I was invited into your home. If you're asking me to leave I am happy to, I don't want to be somewhere I'm not wanted. They say you're not wanted. I standup, the front door is very close to me. She is crying. I am fully expecting her to at least walk outside with me. I get to the front door I turn around and she's standing up. I say her name as to insinuate I'm leaving. She just looks at me and whispered the words "just go".

So that's exactly what I did. I have never seen such brainwashing, manipulation, isolation tactics in my entire life. Fully expecting she would contact me within minutes of leaving, I'm driving slow. Not only did she not contact me that day I've never heard from her since. Nothing. Not one thing since that day. If you're mature enough to be intimate with someone and invite them to Christmas, shouldn't you be mature enough to at least tell them it's over? Or tell them something? If she continues to subscribe to their theories, where in the world will she be in five years? It was one of the strangest things that I've ever witnessed. And I've witnessed some strange things. It's like they detected she might be leaving the cult and they have to do an exorcism on her.

I did learn a few things from this MISS deal. Stay away from dating people who are involved with radical religions. And when girls seem to have all the right things to say or text that's because they've used those same lines with many many other guys before and they worked. As one of my good friends used to say, aren't you glad you know now instead of later. The answer would be yes. I am proud of myself for figuring this out in two or three months instead of two or three years like I did with Littleone.

One last thing before I forget. MISS used to tell me she would have these horrible nightmares and I would be in them. She would want me to console her and help her feel better. Turns out that's exactly what she was doing with all the other guys. Just how many nightmares can a girl have? Must be hard to keep all those lies straight. I know I sound mad about all of this, it really just hurts my feelings more than anything. She always made me feel like I was special. She would say little things to me and she knows what I'm talking about, now I think she used to say the exact same things to them. It was all a delusion and lies. I don't think you can blame me for being a little bitter at this point.