That Ain't No Way To Go

The hurtful thing about MISS is at least with Littleblonde and Littleone I'm not sure they knew how hurtful they were being at the time. However, this is not true with MISS. She knew and knows exactly how hurtful she is and was being. In fact she tells one of her "Christian" family members that I am all alone. And they respond it's not your job to be his mother or father, just leave him alone and he'll be fine. The truth is I will be fine and I don't need her to be my mother or my father. It would have been nice to actually hear her say goodbye. After all, I was in El Paso, Texas for her. I told her this exact thing would happen. She replied no I promise, nothing they could say could cause me to change my mind. 

What goes around comes around sooner or later. What MISS and Littleone do have in common is they both had me fooled that they really cared. I think LO did care in the beginning. MISS did not care from day one. She in fact told me she wanted her cake and wanted to eat it too. MISS was texting another guy the whole time. In fact she slips up and says to him she should have just gone to San Angelo. He asks her why? She responds just to see some friends. That's funny. I wonder if she does with all her friends what she did with me? If so, I guess she would be a good friend to have.

When I look back on it all I'm still glad I did what I did. At least I know I gave 100%. However she will get to look back and wonder what if I would have just trusted myself? Dale Carnegie says in his book the biggest reason people fail in life is they listen to their friends, family, and neighbors. The M-Word and MISS could have been sister's - Click HERE

One of the last things I asked her was do you trust me? She said yes. Well with what's happened in the last week or so, we're about to find out. More importantly we're going to find out if she trusts herself.