Under The Cover Of Darkness

I want to address the latest comment that was left "What happen to your other blogs they were getting interesting" I don't know who left this but I'm sure you left it with good intentions. I really do mean that. I'm glad it's interesting but it's very sad and hurtful for me. Also it's very therapeutic to actually get it out and hear some feedback on it as well. Especially because I don't get to talk it out with MISS.  I thought I would try something bold and see if MISS would respond. Here is a message that mysteriously got to her. This message is exactly what she received minus some very personal comments that have been deleted.

1. One of the many things I love about you is I actually listen to you. I feel like you balance me out.

2. If you want to see me I can be in Austin in under three hours. All I need is a YES.  I would like a answer yes or no. No explanation just a yes or no please.

MISS, I love you. I know I did not say it a lot to you when we were together. I regret that. I really do love you. I think you should look at people's motivations for doing things. It would be much easier for me to love someone else and for you to love someone else as well. You can't help who you fall in love with. We can do this. There's not one doubt in my mind that we can and should do this. I have no other motivation other than I love and care for you beyond words. I don't want us to look back someday and wonder what if? I am willing to give you 100%. Mattie miss's you. Pacey miss's you. I miss you terribly and I want to kiss you and be close to you and just hold your hand. I don't want one more day to go by without you.

It's up to you now

I completely adore you


This was sent days ago, under the cover of darkness. (because she still not being fully honest with her family) I got a response alright. I just don't think she read number two " I would like a answer yes or no. No explanation just a yes or no please." I did not get a yes or no just a bunch of excuses and jibber jabber. Anyone who knows me knows I love technology. There are still some things though that need to be actually talked about. This whole situation between us is definitely one of them. Obviously she's not interested in doing that and obviously I'm not receiving the message that she sent me way back on Christmas Day. 

Now onto a more positive subject. Doctor Girl. No that's not her nickname that's just all I have for now. Actually had a very fun weekend with her. She does so many little things that you really don't notice until they're not done. For example I think it is just courteous and respectful to turn your cell phone off when you're on a date. I don't mean silent I mean off. She did that.
She was ready on time, every time. This whole being on time business is a big deal with me. Really how hard can it be to be on time.* I would go all the way from San Angelo to Abilene to see MISS and she would be not ready. And I don't mean 5 or 10 minutes not ready, we talking 45mins to 1:45 hours not ready. Whether it's right or wrong I'm going into this Doctor Girl deal a little differently. I have zero expectations. I think I just knew MISS for so long and had developed a friendship with her I just expected more from her. That's completely my fault not hers. So I'm at the end of this post and I'm looking back over it thinking there's no music videos in it? There's really two songs that express perfectly how I feel about this situation. I put them out before but I'm going to put them out again. (they're really good)

MISS if you read this go look at this post CLICK HERE I thought that's what you had done when you contacted me. Boy was I wrong.