DALLAS Kick Off Party For Season Two - NO

To address one more comment left on the LOW. No, I'm not having a DALLAS kick off party for season two. My house is completely torn up right now. I'm in the middle of installing all new surround sound. I mean a BIG BAD surround sound. Let me clarify that a little bit. I am not installing it, a professional is installing it. To give you some idea here is a photo of the old surround sound system.

Here is a photo of what has shipped to my house so far. And I keep receiving more shipments every day. 

I went with 3 of these. One for the front left, one for the front right and one for the center. 

I went with 2 of these, one for the the right rear and one for the left rear.

One of these has the Subwoofer.

This receiver powers it all.

There is an additional part of my house being torn up. That would be the famous Pink bathroom. Those of you who have been to my house know exactly what I'm talking about. I should have taken some photos before, but I did not know the demolition was going to be so rapid.

The plan is to at least double the size of the shower if not triple. All the pink and flowers are going away. That's all I know for sure.

One last project you could call it. I'm getting a new bed. 
This one to be exact TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme Breeze. (no Amazon doesn't sell it which makes me very sad) but nevertheless it's on its way.

Between all these projects and MacWorld and Doctor Girl this should be enough to keep me busy for a while.