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So I just finished watching the two hour season premiere of Dallas. I was tweeting a lot. All of a sudden my phone rings and it's my second girlfriend I had in my life calling me. This was before my nickname days so we're just going to stick with "second girlfriend'. I answered and she said she saw me tweeting and wanted to say hello. I am friends with 80% of my ex-girlfriends. When I say friends, we talk once or twice a year. But think about it, I dated her like 17 years ago, so that's pretty good to receive a call from them once or twice a year I think. She heard the song That Ain't No Way To Go by Brooks & Dunn playing in the background. (I've been listening to that song a lot here lately) She says that was her song.  I quickly interjected and said no it wasn't. Because I know exactly which song was our song. 
This Was It. 

She says, "I didn't say our song. I said my song." I asked what that meant and she said she just always liked it. That Ain't No Way To Go has kind of become MISS's song. She wanted to know who MISS was? I quickly tell her the story. You can pretty much sum up the MISS story by just telling the El Paso story I think. She tells me, "Johnny you never had good luck with girls that try to hide you. When will you learn?" I must say she is 100% right about that. I quickly explained that I held off until she would no longer hide me. Defending MISS, I also say, "I was friends with her first and I was convinced she was different." I get the famous "whatever Johnny." Okay, okay I do know she's right. For what it's worth, MISS I really did think and hoped that you were different. I waited for MISS for 2 years. She sure did not wait on me in that 2 years. She did everything BUT wait!!  Actions speak louder than words. I am tired of waiting.

This whole thing is like a bad soap opera. We are going to introduce a new character. Their name is The Grapevine. MISS and I still have not talked since Christmas Day. Through The Grapevine I hear that her parents have an extremely tight grip on her. You would almost think that her parents discovered she had a drug problem. What they really discovered is that she was dating. Oh my gosh a college girl dating. What what people think?

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It's so cool to see Dallas as a Twitter Trending Topic #DallasTNT

A Few special messages I found on Twitter

“I’m just putting it on the table, Bobby.” God, I’m going to miss this man. #LarryHagman #DallasTNT

#dallas #larryhagman - just miss him so much - good to see him on screen - he was the best - I am crying

#DALLASTNT Watching the new season is bittersweet knowing that#LarryHagman is no longer here...

Lol! "Pretty little secretaries" I just love JR!! RIP #Larryhagman

“Just remember my boy, vengeance is a dish best served cold.”#LarryHagman #DallasTNT

The one and only icon JR Ewing #LarryHagman He is amazing#Dallastnt

Love Jr Ewing! #LarryHagman will be missed so much!!! #Dallas

Love, hate, jealousy. Mix 'em up, they make a mean martini.#DallasTNT

You think the legal system is going to get Cliff? We should hire some roughnecks, take him for a long ride. Just puttin' it on the table.#DallasTNT

@DallasDecoder: That scene with #LarryHagman and@LindaGray: sweetest thing ever? #DallasTNT <so perfect..

I'm one for one on flushing out Pamelas. And I plan on being two for two. #DallasTNT

Blackmailed a district attorney on the putting green. Check that off my bucket list. Next up: ballooning! #DallasTNT


It’s been a long time coming but the big reveal of what really happened to Pamela Ewing is about to rock the foundations of Southfork.

Jesse Metcalfe recently revealed to Starry Constellation magazine that in season two we will discover what really happened to Pamela Ewing.

It is rumored that a twist takes place at JR’s memorial when it’s revealed what really happened to Pamela. It appears JR knew all along.

With the news that JR is murdered in a who done it mystery can we expect Victoria Principal back on set soon carrying a smoking gun?

My personal review on season two. Spectacular. Production value is excellent. I love that it's all shot in Dallas. Larry Hagman is awesome. I may have to start drinking myself when it comes time for JR EWING's funeral.

* Seems like MISS was tired of waiting as well. She has moved on to the next guy. Hopefully her family will like this guy.