Her Feet
It's 2 AM in San Francisco where I am, but 4 AM at home in Texas. I'm not even remotely sleepy yet. My sleeping habits have been messed up enough already, now my nights and days will really be confused. Today was the last day of MacWorld. I was taking an innocent stroll down one of the aisles that have already been down, and there stands this super cute blonde girl. There was actually two blonde girls and one brunette, but one of them just really stood out to me. I stopped by for a little chat and the more she talked the cuter she got. As if she wasn't cute enough already. Come to find out she really doesn't live that far from me. Long story short I just got back from having a long chat with her. She is super cute, really fun to talk to, very bubbly, loves technology, and is really sexy. She gave me two really nice compliments. She said she couldn't figure out what color my eyes were?? She also said that I got an extra point for the dimple. Plus she owes me a date. Which I just might take her up on. Now onto TWiT and to sleep. 

San Francisco 2013