The Grapevine - Chat Part 2 - The Bible

This is part of little chat that The Grapevine and I had.
Part 2
Be thankful for what you "thought" you had. - The Grapevine
That is very interesting that you would say that. That's what's really hard for me on a hourly basis. I replay things that she would say constantly. Then I replay what I know she said to all the other guys. She said the same damn thing to all of them that she say to me. Seriously she would use the same exact little words and the same exact little phrases. 
I so wish that I had never dated her. I'm in no way saying that to be mean. There is just not anything good that came out of it for me. Nothing. Except now my trust issues are even worse. My guard is up. I HATE what I let her do to me. I really do hate myself for allowing this to happen.

**MISS recently started school. That's got to be a good distraction. It still amazes me that she has nothing to say for herself since Christmas Day. Really MISS? Everything you told me was a lie? Really?

I've been doing a little research. MISS if you see this read this carefully. By the way your parents probably won't want you to read this.
The Bible tells us we are to leave our father and mother and to cleave to each other after we marry. It tells us, “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined(cleave) to his wife, and they shall become one flesh” (Genesis 2:24).

“There are three aspects to the statement of Genesis 2:24:
1. Leave – This indicates that in a family there are two types of relationships. The parent-child relationship is the temporary one and there will be a “leaving.” The husband-wife relationship is the permanent one —“what God has joined together, let man not separate” (Matthew 19:6). Problems occur in family life when these two roles are reversed and the parent-child relationship is treated as the primary relationship. When an adult child has married and this parent-child relationship remains primary, the newly formed union is threatened.
2. Cleave – the Hebrew word translated “cleave” refers to (1) the pursuing hard after someone else and (2) being glued or stuck to something/someone. So a man is to pursue hard after his wife after the marriage has occurred (the courtship should not end with the wedding vows) and is to be “stuck to her like glue.” This cleaving indicates such closeness that there should be no closer relationship than that between the two spouses, not with any former friend or with any parent.
3. And they shall become one flesh – Marriage takes two individuals and creates a new single entity. There is to be such sharing and oneness in every aspect (physical, emotional, intellectual, financial, social) that the resulting unity can be best described as “one flesh.” Again, when there is greater sharing and emotional support gained from a continuing parent-child relationship than from the husband-wife relationship, the oneness within the marriage is being threatened, resulting in an unbiblical imbalance.
I could not agree more.