The Grapevine - Chat Part 3

This is part of little chat that The Grapevine and I had.
Part 3
I think she is the way she is because her parents held on too tight when she was little. 
I think you're right actually. Here's the thing. You can not blame things on your childhood. I know that you don't know me yet. I had a horrible childhood. My mother told me she wish she would of aborted me, my dad has been sober nine consecutive months of my lifetime. I do not have any brothers or sisters. So I have every reason to be a drunk or a loser or a lot of things. I choose not to be that way. I choose to hold myself to a higher standard. Sorry but blaming things on her parents is getting a little old and I think it is total crap. Last thing on that subject. I thought she was smart enough to look at her parents and see that what they do doesn't work therefore I thought she wanted to do things differently with me. 
"There is an ancient script that says, ‘He that wishes to be ignorant, let him be ignorant.’ But I took off the last word and it now reads for me like this: He that wishes to be ignorant, let him be!" -- Jim Rohn

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