Time Will Either Promote You Or Expose You

I have often said about previous relationships that not one good thing came out of them. In fact I even said if I had them to do all over I would go back and skip the day that I even met them. That is most definitely true with MISS. The more time that goes by the more the truth comes out. Time Will Either Promote You Or Expose You. Just like it did with Littleone, Littleblonde, and now especially MISS. must say that my judgment on this deal was horrible. There are things that are bad, then there are things that are really bad. It's still hard for me to believe that MISS was just completely a different person then she presented herself to be. MISS is so much like Littleone with all of the lies and deceptions. I think she actually believes them herself. But then again MISS is so much like the Littleblonde. She uses sex to manipulate guys to get what she wants. One thing I can say for sure, she will not manipulate me in that way or any other way again. I used to think that MISS at one point actually care. Now I think she never cared at all. She was just seeing how far she could go and what she could get out of this deal. 

At this moment in time there is actually one good thing that came out of this. The Grapevine. The Grapevine is just so super cool. She is sweet and kind and really easy to talk to. She seems very outgoing and a lot of fun. Maybe I have made myself a new friend? Thanks Grapevine for being a great friend.
Time to go UP.

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