Horribly Wrong - Part 1

We are going to have one more new guest blogger. We have The Grapevine which I think is awesome. The new quest blogger is..... Perfect

Here's the story. Click Here and read this first for some background.

After I got home from MacWorld, Perfect and I continued communicating. She said one of the things that she liked about me is that I am assertive and sort of aggressive in going after what I want. Then she tells me that I need to slow down and stop going so fast. I actually get told the exact same thing in the exact same order all the time. That is very contradicting. So what am I supposed to do? I'll tell you what I will do. I will continue to be myself and find someone that will accept me the way that I am. Okay, sorry for going off on that little tangent. Perfect and I communicate after MacWorld. Then things go horribly wrong.

One side note. Whenever you're communicating via text it's so easy to get things out of context. Here is an example. She had the flu for a few days. I texted her and said  "May I call you?" She texted back, "Please no. I don't have the energy for it." I fully realized she had the flu and did not feel like being on the phone, yet I still took that a little personal. I know that my humor cannot transfer across text or email or even blog posts sometimes. There are times you need to just pick up the phone.

Back to the story. Perfect texts me and says, "Sorry I haven't been in touch. I am really just not ready for anything yet.... Don't want to hurt you. Whatever girl you find is one lucky lady. I mean that with the utmost sincerity." That is what her text said; this is what I read. I am not interested anymore and I need to find a good way out of this. (Sometimes I hear things that are not said or read things that are really not written.) I will give her credit for at least saying something. She could have just disappeared. So, I did something that I very rarely do. I thought I would actually listen to what she was telling me.  I went back and really read the text. The second time I read “she's not ready for anything and she doesn't want to hurt me,” I still wanted to take personally...... Part 2 Soon