Horribly Wrong - Part 2

Part 1

Part 2
The first part of that I still want to take personally, but there's nothing I can do about it. The second part, I don't want her to hurt me either so I just figured that I would stay away.

Days and weeks go by and for some reason I would still think about Perfect. One of the many things that I liked about Perfect was she totally got me. We talked about everything on our first outing. She totally understood 98% of all of my philosophies. We also have so much in common. Here are just a few

Trouble going to sleep and are night people
Abandonment issues
Only children
Both of our dads are alcoholics
Philosophy on Submissiveness
We both love Technology

I remember telling Perfect that she totally described my philosophy on submissiveness in five minutes. Usually it takes me four hours of talking about it with someone and they still don't get it. She also has an English degree, she's writing a book, and she is super smart on top of being super beautiful. So this is where I got my grand idea. I texted her and asked her if she would be interested in being a guest blogger. I told her that I thought she would be a good guest blogger and she could help get some of the thoughts and philosophies out in a more effective way. Plus, she could give a female perspective. She agreed, which sort of surprised me. It makes me think that she might actually be telling the truth with her text about not being ready for something. I guess this is where she does...........

Part 3 Soon