How to: Get the Girl and Keep Her - Perfect PART 2


In the comfortable stage, time and actions bring results. In the veteran stage, time, friendship and teamwork brings results. What a woman needs will change throughout the relationship. For any man to have success, he will have to adapt and change the way he loves his woman throughout the relationship. At every stage a woman will need to be fed a balanced emotional diet. So, this is not to say that when you are in the honeymoon stage, your lady no longer needs compliments…only that it cannot be the focus during this period. You meet a woman’s needs emotionally and she will pretty much do absolutely anything for you. Yes, anything. Anything! Women are givers by nature and will freely give the moon to their men if they asked for it. Control will not be an issue. Control should never be an issue. When a man does try to control, he slowly drains the core of who she is as a human being. A controlling man is an insecure man. An insecure man will rarely be able to accommodate the needs of a woman properly. Bottom line, when a woman attends to her man’s needs and he attends to hers then it’s a wash. Both are taken care of, end of story.

One of the biggest problems in one of my past relationships was that I was meeting the needs of my partner. He was happy.
However, my needs were unattended. I felt abandoned. I had all the responsibilities of an adult yet I was treated like a child. At the stage our relationship was in, I needed him to fold laundry with me and help with everyday family matters. I needed him to show me with actions and his time that I was not alone in the relationship. The tighter he pulled for control, the farther away I got emotionally. It would have been the simplest fix, but he didn’t know any better and neither did I. How many of you know exactly what I’m talking about? - Perfect