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Hello again! Today I’m going to be talking about a book that I’ve been reading for the past few days, “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man”. As you’ve read on my last post, I myself have had a few relationship problems. WILDE recommended me to read this book, he spoke very highly of it, so I went ahead and started to read the book.

From the first page, it opened my eyes on so much! See as women, we expect so much from our men. We think that we can change a man, make him think the way we think, make him love the way we love. Well now I can say that all of that is almost impossible! In the book it says, “for men- love is loyalty”. Men truly just want us women to show our love by being loyal to them, but when you have a man’s love it is a very powerful thing!

Our love is so much more than that, as said in the book our love is “beautiful”. When I read this, it got me thinking.. it makes so much more sense now. Men are really simple. They don’t expect much from us AT ALL, but since we (women) are much more complex than men, we overthink men. We try so hard to figure them out when the answer is literally RIGHT in front of our faces.

I think if we stopped holding men up to such high standards, relationships would last much longer than they do. Men wouldn’t feel the need to pretend to be something they’re not. Just a personal opinion. I would really love to hear your feedback on this. So if you could leave comments below that would be great! Thank you again, WILDE for giving me this opportunity! - The Grapevine.