Ponytails and Perfect - Part 2

Part 1

I'm not talking 50 Shades of Grey tied up submission. I'm referring to "natural" submission. You meet a guy. He makes an off-hand comment about liking your hair in a ponytail. So, what do you do the next time you see him? Wear your hair in a ponytail! You want to please him. You want him to find you attractive. We form ourselves to be what the man wants. It's what we do. It is how women are built. It's instinctual. You’ve just submitted without even realizing. And by doing so you let the man know that you are giving him what he likes. It's just as natural for a man to want to feel in charge and in control as it is for you to submit. Now, some men will do this consciously to see if you will submit, these types will always push the envelope to make sure you realize that. Other men, simply really liked your ponytail...end of story. Either way, as the relationship evolves and progresses, obviously the type and amount of submission can vary greatly depending on preference and taste. If you had to guess, what type of a man is Wilde? - Perfect