Valentine's Day Check-UP PART 2

Valentine's Day Check-UP

-He didn’t come see me on Valentine’s Day (and after seeing the comment from Perfect, I agree with her. Valentine’s Day is overrated, but I think it’s more of the fact that he said he would be there.)
-He started pulling himself away from the relationship.

After looking at my list I realized that I had more reasons to stay than to leave. So to answer the question, after doing a lot of talking with Boyfriend, I did stay with him. We are doing so much better now! Giving up is easy. I think it takes great courage to stay and fight for something that you think is worth fighting for. Coming from my perspective I think that in any relationship, you really need to sit down and think about where you two actually stand. Don’t stick around in a relationship if you think that it isn’t worth it! Don’t let anyone take away the best years of your life. That is the worst mistake that anyone can make. Until next time.... -The Grapevine