Valentine's Day Check-UP

It’s been about one month since Valentine’s Day. I’m sure you all want to know what happened between Boyfriend and I. Well for starters, Boyfriend and I did fight a little more since that day, we grew apart. I didn’t like the way our relationship was going! AT ALL! I sat around the house for a couple of days trying to figure out a way to fix our relationship. Many things were running through my head, “Should I stay and work things out with him?”, “Should I run away?”. All of these thoughts kept running through my head! I got to a point in the relationship when I felt like I was unwanted, unloved. I couldn’t figure out why I let myself fall so hard for someone that I had only been with for a couple months. So I spent hours, days thinking, trying to figure out if I thought whether or not this relationship was worth my time. I started to make a small list, of pros and cons. Here are a few things I had on my list:

-He protects me
-He’s willing to help my family and I
-He’s sweet
-He’s caring
-He’s willing to give up time with his friends for me
(There’s so much more)
-The Grapevine