Emotional Nutrition - Perfect

Girl's often know what they want but don’t express it clearly. We get caught up in our expectations yet fail to communicate what it is that we really need. In my opinion the main reason women don't ask for what they need is because it feels like if we have to ASK for something it isn’t as authentic. This can trickle down to even the smallest things. Maybe she wants a kiss before she leaves for work in the morning but you never think to. She may attempt to get that kiss a few times but if its met with any kind of resistance...she won't try again. The result is her feeling resentment for a need not being met.

A balanced emotional diet is a mix of all the parts to a healthy relationship. Physical affection, verbal confirmation, time, partnership, romance, FUN, appreciation, kind gestures, interest and most importantly engagement. The entire diet is based on whether or not you are engaged with each other. That in conjunction with clear communication will have you looking into a fridge filled with all the emotional fodder she and you both need.

As far as my past relationship, I asked for things many times. However, nothing sustained. That left me feeling like I wasn’t worth the effort. How could he sit and watch me withdraw further and further over the years and never notice? Was I invisible? I even found myself at various points in the relationship crying out for attention in negative ways. I never could get his attention, and I desperately craved it. There was a quick fix and a permanent one. The quick fix was to notice me, to see me for who I was and what I needed. But instead, I was ignored. That is why I ultimately chose to leave. - Perfect