Final Post About Submissiveness - WILDE Part 2

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Of coarse I have read it. I always want to know what girls are reading, so I can keep up with what y'all are thinking. In the book there is no subtlety to the submission that Mr. Gray requires. He's very upfront about it and she knows the rules going into the game. I actually think that's the best way to be. She knew what she was getting into from the very beginning and he knew exactly what he expected. I think in any good relationship someone has to have the final say. Be it the guy or the girl, someone has to finally make the final decision. The other person has to submit to them ultimately. I think that this is the problem in your relationships Perfect you want to be submissive without having to submit. It's almost like you want to be pretend submissive without really being submissive?
Let me give a Perfect example
The other day Perfect and I are texting back and forth.
This was the conversation
Got a new driver. Was supposed to go get it tonight. But it's not in. I'm so sad. :) -Perfect
I'm going to the city on Saturday though so I'll get it then - Perfect
Could you also pick up a really cute short skirt to wear while your golfing? - Wilde
I have a bazillion. - Perfect
Photo please - I need to Approve - Wilde
You don't have to approve. - Perfect
I'll wear them regardless… - Perfect
To me this is a Perfect example on both sides. I was not trying to be controlling in any way. That is....
Part 3 SOON