Final Post About Submissiveness - WILDE

Here are some of my final thoughts on submissiveness. One thing is for sure. This is a very complicated subject.

I think we got way off track on the subject of submission. We went from submission and ponytails to a balanced emotional diet. We are going to wrap up this subject with this post.
I think submission is a critical part in a relationship. But very few girls want to admit it. I think you are 100% right that girls want to be submissive but don't want to be controlled. I also think that is a very fine line to have to watch and not cross. I look back in my past relationships and know that I crossed that line but I did not know when I was crossing get your yet I had no intention of being controlling. It happens so subtly. Exactly like you said. It starts with something as simple as a ponytail and then subconsciously we think we got what we want so subconsciously we try again. I am going to refer to The 50 Shades Of Gray. First question is have I read it? Of coarse.....
Part 1 SOON


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