Okay Miss Perfect ??? - Perfect

Okay Miss Perfect ???

You are completely right. It's unfair to expect you alien men to know innately what we need. But it's kind of like on our planet, we don't know to tell you what we want. It really is craziness. It's a wonder anyone can make a relationship work. But, I think those that do have successful ones have a clear hunger to please each other and an unwillingness to sweep things under the rug. I have some family members who have been married for 65 years. She waited on him hand and foot. He cherished every act. They both constantly sought each others approval. That allowed needs to be met. There's also the old adage "never go to bed angry." The point here is resolve the issue. Always. Ladies, nothing is ever just "fine" when you are upset. Talk it out! These are the moments when you learn to understand each other the most. - Perfect