Okay Miss Perfect ???

She will not consciously know what she needs - PERFECT
If she doesn't know, how will I know?

At every stage a woman will need to be fed a balanced emotional diet. - PERFECT
This is not a problem. As long as I know what the diet is. It’s like having a child or a dog that has food allergies but no one tells you what they’re allergic to. We try this food and that food and nothing seems to work, eventually we just give-up because we think that no matter what we feed them they will be allergic, so why keep trying. Does this make sense?

I felt abandoned. - It would have been the simplest fix, but he didn’t know any better and neither did I. - PERFECT
Did you ever let him know that you felt abandoned? Did you ever ask for what you needed? I would venture to say no. Because you self-confessed that you did not know yourself. So if you did not know yourself, how would he know? How would anyone know, if you don’t know? Simple fix? What in the world are you talking about? There is nothing simple about all the stages and different things we're supposed to know.
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