Shook Me To My Core - Part 2

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Part 2
The mutual acquaintance's response was:

Thanks for the ramble.  It made me feel better about it all. My husband has unfortunantly cheated on me before and I stayed.  We had our normal problems but I had no clue.  Then time passed and he did it again (This time I blamed myself. Maybe I wasn't attractive enough for him. Seeing the girls he would talk to were nothing like me).  Like I said, I do what I have to for my kids.  I have teenagers and I know they need their dad.  Who am I to deny them of that.  For what, so I can be happy?  Who's to say that I would be?  I know that sounds silly of me but its how I feel.  So this is why I stay. I say its for my kids, its also because I don't want to be alone in life.  I would love to crawl back in my bubble but now it just seems so much different.  He says he's sorry, that he wants to be here, and he loves me and the kids.  But if he did love me and the kids, wouldn't that be enough to make him not want to do it in the first place?  Oh how I hate my mind right now.....  NOW look who has rambled on..... Thanks for listening. 

Wow there is a lot in that response for me to comment on. Before I do that though, let's go back to July 4, 2006. I was with Littleone for almost 3 years which is a long time but then again it's really not that long at all. In that timeframe I felt like I became an adult if that makes sense. I felt like I was on track to accomplishing my goals. More than that though I felt like I had a reason to accomplish my goals. I don't know about other guys but for me I need a reason to do things.

Part 3 coming soon......

I am posting some random ijustine videos that I think are funny at the end of these. As a side note how do I find a girl like her?

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