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Answers to Perfect

How do I feel when I am in love?
1. powerful
2. invigorated
3. important
4. attractive
5. sexy
6. like I can accomplish anything
7. special
8. like I want to accomplish everything
9. worthy
10. like I want to take her to a Taylor Swift and Shania Twain concert

I personally have no problem feeling mushy romantic things at all. I am also very comfortable with my masculinity. I think if a guy is

not fully secure with his masculinity then he might have a problem admitting he feels mushy and romantic.

As for figuring out a way to get a girl in the bedroom, that's not my problem at all. In fact, it is the opposite. I want a girl that will not go to the bedroom so soon. At the same time, if she's too hard to get I will think she is unattainable or she's just playing games and give up.

As far as, is it you or have you just not met the right guy yet? I think it is a case you always want what you can't have. You say you want that stuff, then when a guy comes along that is willing to be romantic and mushy, as you call it, your not interested. Why do girls do ..........


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