Efficiency Is Not Always A Good Thing - ALL

Part 1 (Posted 5-3-13)

I pride myself on being efficient. I think I am very efficient in fact. This has not always worked out so well for me though.
I remember hearing Dr. Phil say one time to ask yourself at the beginning of every day what could I do today to make my relationship better? Maybe it would be send flowers, leave a little love note, call her in the middle of the day? I thought to myself I can totally do that. I was dating LittleBlonde at the time. I spent the night at her house. The next morning she had to get up early to work. She told me that I could sleep in and gave me a key to lock the door when I left. I thought this would be a great time to leave a little love note 
somewhere. I wrote a little note and I hit it in the drawer in the bathroom where she kept her toothpaste. The next day she called me and was so excited that she had found that little note. I had done all kinds of things before but I had never gotten those kind of results. All that happiness over a little love note? A week or two goes by and I spent the night again. Once again she had to be at work early and she told me to sleep in and lock the door when I left.

Being efficient and all, I decided that I would write 10 or 15 little notes this time. I took the time to get different pieces of paper and different colored pens so she would not know that I wrote them all at the same time. Then I strategically hid them all over

the house. I hid one in the dryer, in the dryer sheet box, the clothes hamper, and the panty drawer that she did not use very often. I hid them so many places I even forgot where I put them all. I remember thinking how efficient I was being.

A little time went by and she found a few of them and I got equally wonderful results. We broke up shortly afterwards. I completely forgot that I had hidden all of those notes. Weeks and months go by and we did not speak or communicate with each other at all.  Then it happened.

It was bad. Really bad. Evidently she had found some more of my notes and she thought that I still had a key or that I broke into her house and was trying to get her back by leaving little notes. It took a lot of convincing to explain that I had done that months before when we were together. I took the time to do it on different paper and use different pens just being efficient. Efficiency is not always a good thing.