Efficiency Is Not Always A good Thing

I pride myself on being efficient. I think I am very efficient in fact. This has not always worked out so well for me though.
I remember hearing Dr. Phil say one time to ask yourself at the beginning of every day what could I do today to make my relationship better? Maybe it would be send flowers, leave a little love note, call her in the middle of the day? I thought to myself I can totally do that. I was dating LittleBlonde at the time. I spent the night at her house. The next morning she had
to get up early  to work. She told me that I could sleep in and gave me a key to lock the door when I left.  I thought this would be a great time to leave a little love note somewhere. I wrote a little note and I hit it in the drawer in the bathroom where she kept her toothpaste. The next day she called me and was so excited that she had found that little note. I had done all kinds of things before but I had never gotten those kind of results. All that happiness over a little love note? A week or two goes by and I spent the night again. Once again she had to be at work early and she told me to sleep in and lock the door when I left. Being efficient and all I......