Final Post About Submissiveness - WILDE Part 3

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That is just my personality. I would've found it very attractive and super sexy had she
1. acted like she did not have a bazillion of them and she was going to get one because I asked her to
2. not texted the part about I don't have to approve she will wear them regardless
Ultimately I don't have to approve nor do I want to approve of anything for her. It just would be nice if she wanted me to. It would be nice to feel like she was submitting to something that I actually want it.
1. I definitely want a girl that will be submissive. Someone I can just be upfront with and not have to play games or have to figure out how to make "offhanded comments".
2. The next time I am interested in dating someone I am first going to ask them to be a guest blogger. I cannot tell you how much pain and heart ache it would have saved me in the past. I consider Perfect to be someone that I will be friends with a long time. I am super glad I met her, I am also super glad she did not want to date me. I don't think we could have survived dating each other and remain friends. I am sure she feels the same.

Perfect I'm going to give it back to you. You should be submissive in this last post about submissiveness or I will have them edit you right out. - Just Joking