Little Formal Introduction - PART 2

At one point WILDE said something about coming to see Toronto (where I live) and I said, "yeah you should definitely come," to which he replied, "ok..
when?"  You see WILDE is a doer, not a sayer. He said we should set a date otherwise it would never happen and he was right.

How many times have you said "we should hang out more" to people in our day to day life and it never happens? We agreed on a date and he came over for a weekend during the summer.

We saw some sights, met up with some friends of mine, and carried on our budding tradition of deep conversation about life, love, heartbreak, women, etc. If I'm not mistaken it was during this visit that we decided our conversations should have taken place on a podcast. After many months of preparation (mostly on WILDE's end) it has come to fruition and I couldn't be happier. It was as fulfilling as it was to get back into acting last year, something I'll talk more about on the podcast or in another blog post in the near future. Such a small step can mean so much when you finally put words into action. I'm not really certain where this venture is going but that is part of the fun. I just hope it helps us all figure each other out just a little bit better. - Amin