Little Formal Introduction

Let me do a little formal introduction please. As some of you know I have started a podcast. I haven't promoted it very much because I'm still working out the kinks. My buddy Amin does a great introduction below. It happens just as he says. The podcast has been tons of fun so far. Amin is a great co-host. Make sure and go to iTunes and subscribe.

Introductions - Amin
WILDE and I first met in person at a Macworld conference in San Francisco. It was at the second conference when I was getting
ready for a break that we decided to walk the show floor for about 30 minutes. During that time we got into a pretty deep conversation. I had separated from my wife just a few months prior and somehow we just got to talking about it straight away.

He said some smart things about relationships, life, his thoughts on commitment and marriage, and I started to realize this is a pretty enlightened guy. It made me think a lot about my attitude towards the pending divorce.

After the show was over I stayed an extra day in the Bay Area and was planning to take a short drive to see family outside San Francisco. WILDE happened to be going that same direction to see Leo Laporte's studio so I offered to drive him on the way.  We continued our fantastic conversation in the car. At one point WILDE said......
PART 2 Soon