Why Do Girls Say????

I have some questions. Particularly about The Disaster. Why would she ask me to spend a significant holiday with her if she wasn't serious? How could you tell somebody all those things that turned out to be complete lies and feel good about yourself?

Here's the thing. If she wasn't serious why not just say, I'm really not serious right now I would just like to casually date? Why say, "I waited over two years to be with you. I won't let anything or anyone tear us apart especially my family." Why not just tell the truth?

Then why say all these things?

1. I will come to you

2. I have some growing up to do. I love him, realized how much I truly do love Wilde today. In all honesty, I don't think I could live without him...it's been a hard few hrs...few days...

3. We need to talk. I don't know when but it needs to be done. You're right, it's not me. What I'm doing is not me.

4. They did not win. Will not win. Wilde YOU trust me on this. I know you don't trust me. But you have to trust me on THIS.

5. No, you know I can't forget you. You know I won't baby

6. You know I love you..always will..

7. Baby..
I swear I'm gonna fix this.
8. You go ahead and give up on me. I don't care, just know that I'm not giving up.
9. I miss you more than you can imagine...I do. And I miss my girls to. (Mattie & Pacey)

Pacey & Mattie

Why say all that stuff or for that matter any of that stuff if you're not going to follow through with any of it? Why do girls say all that kind of stuff when they have no intention of following through with any of it?