How Important Is Intimacy And A Relationship?

Relationships are really hard work if you think about it. Just don’t hurt yourself thinking too much because that can easily be done. I’m sure that I’m guilty of it as well. There are many contributing factors to a successful relationship and one of them is intimacy.

So what exactly is intimacy to you? From my standpoint, it means a very comfortable and trusting space that two are able to share. It can be difficult sharing your time and space with someone especially if you’re not used to having someone around. However, that doesn’t mean that if you were raised in a large family it makes it easier. Learning to be close to someone takes time and over time a bond is created that makes the dynamic of the relationship stronger.

Intimacy is essential if you want a relationship where you can be yourself. Being intimate is more than just physical intimacy. It’s also emotional. Remember to think about this when you’re inspecting your own relationship. - Maria