Preying Mantis

All I've read from this blog is that he likes to prey on young women, somehow or another something goes wrong. And miraculously it's 'NEVER' his fault. Come on man, after so many maybe you're the problem? Stop preying on women who are tooooo young! Find someone who can deal with your crap and who cares. Not everyone cares. They just like money! - Anonymous Anonymous

Preying Mantis - Maria
To me the topic of age difference in dating is quite interesting due to the multifaceted views and opinions. Of course I strongly feel that age should not be a determining factor when dating.

This subject has developed stigma to the point where society views it as something that shouldn’t be practiced. Usually we see rich men dating younger girls that are money hungry. It just seems we’re too easily influenced by outside forces. One of my personal favorites is why do you even care? I’m even bold enough to say that when it’s a guy having the problem with other men dating younger girls it’s because they secretly want to be that guy dating a hot, younger girl.

There are things that CAN go wrong but things go.....
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