Yes a Binding Contract - Jo Beth Tonne

Something very strange happened to me today. My dad brought me two books. Inside of these books is basically a history of my life. Why I think that is strange is because I feel like I am nearing the end of my life, and then two books show up that have my life history in them. I will write more on this later. But the other strange thing is for some reason I have been thinking a lot about my English teacher I had in high school. No, not the one that I liked, the one that I didn't like. I say that mostly because I don't think she really liked me. She always seemed like she did not feel well. I must say, I know how she feels, that is a big reason I retired from public life on July 9, 2013. I just don't feel well. Anyway, inside one of these books I found a Binding Contract. Yes, a Binding Contract. I had completely forgotten about this. It looks like I was negotiating contracts way back in high school. I would like to know if Mrs.Tonne really was not feeling well or if that was just my perception? Also I would like to know how she is now? Here it is enjoy.

If for some reason she happens to read this I think she would find it kind of funny that I have started a blog that requires proper grammar and spelling, which I still do not have. But what I think is super cool is the person that edits this blog and corrects the spelling and grammar is someone I actually went to high school with. I have referred to her as the The Compass throughout this blog. Without her this blog would not exist. It was her idea to begin with and she is kind enough to edit all of my posts and actually make them make sense. Thank you to The Compass and thank you to Mrs.Tonne for letting me graduate. If you are out there please let me know how you are doing.

Did you know that there is blog insurance? I am thankful that everything goes through an editor and through an attorney. A big thanks to both of you.