The Great Mrs Tonne Writes Back.

Yes I am here and alive. I realize I haven't posted much lately but hopefully that will soon change. Also in update news some of you know that I was doing a test podcast A few months ago. I am happy to say that it did go well and it will be back. However it will have a few changes. The most important one is it will be done with professional high-end equipment and should sound much better.

Now what is the story with this Mrs Tonne? Who is she and where did she come from? If you will look back at the previous post you will see a little backstory on her, I will also fill in some of  the blanks. Mrs Tonne was my English teacher in high school. Between the last post and her comments on it you should have enough info to figure out what were talking about. 

Mrs Tonne I am so glad you actually saw the post and wrote back. I don't want you to take this the wrong way, For some reason I have been thinking about you a lot? I remember in my awkward high school years I was having these little white flakes all over my shirts and I was scratching my head all the time. One day you pulled me aside and said Johnny you have to dandruff. Dandruff? What in the heck is dandruff you explained and said everyone gets it from time to time and you recommended that I go get some Neutrogena T-Gel and use it twice a month and I would never have the problem again. Well Mrs Tonne I would like for you to know that to this day there is a bottle of Neutrogena T-Gel in my shower that I used twice a month. And guess what I've never had a problem again. Thanks 

I have a whole lot more to say and it will be coming out very soon in parts. Mrs Tonne I hope you don't mind having A conversation with me in public. Since I started this blog I decided to live publicly. If you should ever want to contact me privately feel free. One last thing if the spelling or grammar are incorrect don't blame me. I learned a long time ago that everyone has their strengths and everyone has their weaknesses and spelling and grammar or my weaknesses. You may blame it on The Compass she is the editor.