Educational vs Intellectual

Yes I am going to write more about Mrs. Tonne other than dandruff. I just haven't written in a while so I had to warm up with something. In Mrs. Tonne's comment she said she was so sorry I didn't feel like she liked me and then verbatim she says ‘You were one of my faves.’ Let’s pause there for just a second. I don't know if Mrs. Tonne knows, or for that matter, if the readers of this blog know that I actually have some school teachers in my family. My mother taught high school for 30 something years and my dad was actually the principle of Wall High School. On a consistent basis I can remember as a child my parents running in to one of their ex-students and they would always say ‘Oh Sue or Paul’ or insert whatever name ‘You were one of my favorites.’ Now I am not saying that sweet Mrs. Tonne is at all like my parents. What I am saying is if I was one of your favorites I would hate to know the ones you really didn't like. I liked all of my high school teachers. In fact, if I could go back to high school I would go back in a nano second. And yes I even like you Mrs.Tonne. You definitely challenged me. I know you were trying to challenge me intellectually rather educationally but you actually challenged me intellectually. Let me explain. I believe that everyone has their strengths and everyone has their weaknesses. One of my weaknesses is ........ Part 2 SOON