Educational vs Intellectual - Part 4

Hanging out with that band no matter how hard I tried or applied myself or practiced I could never cultivate any singing ability or the ability to play any musical instruments. I wanted to and I applied myself. I challenged myself and still no go. Mrs. Tonne used to say ‘Johnny trust me you will just want to know how to spell basic things as you go throughout life', guess what Mrs. Tonne? You were right. Especially when I started this blog in 2006. I remembered all those things that educators had told me over the years. I actually enrolled in some online spelling courses thinking if I applied myself and challenged myself I could learn to sound it out so to speak. The puzzle pieces in my brain just never would come together and stay together long enough for me to put more puzzle pieces in with them. What was so interesting about that experiment is it was totally voluntary. No one was making me do it. I genuinely wanted to do it yet it just wouldn't come together for me? With that experience and the experience with Restless Heart I came to the conclusion that there are just some things in life people are not meant to do. No matter how hard I try to sound it out all I hear is Shania Twain when I sh-an-ia it out. One last thing on that subject. I know you were just doing what you were taught to do as a teacher, to challenge your students. You did challenge me. I just had to come up with more clever ways around you. If you think it was fun for one second sitting in the classroom and not being able to spell or complete a grammar test that everyone else could finish in 10 minutes and I couldn't ever finish, well it was not fun. This is where I developed a good part of my sense of humor and a way to work around things. I knew that my lack of spelling and grammar ability would draw attention to myself so I figured I would just draw attention to myself on purpose by being funny and creating “little games” as I'm sure you will remember. I also believe that you should have a friend in every category. I have friends that are great at spelling and grammar so whenever I'm writing a business letter or something like that I've two or three of those friends on speed dial. Whenever I'm doing this blog, I've got a great friend that edits it for me. I tend to write exactly what I'm thinking without a filter so I also have an attorney that reviews these posts as they go out. Thank you Mrs. Tonne. You didn't necessarily teach me how to spell but you did teach me, or help me, cultivate my intellectual skills and figuring out a way to get around a problem. It just wasn't very much fun at the time.

I just think she's real cute!