LOW 37 - Ecuador

Johnny and Maria discuss dedicated podcast follower and how it is easy and convenient to listen to the podcast while doing chores around the house, details about the high school contract created by Mrs. Tonne (Johnny’s English teacher in high school) and Johnny so that he could graduate high school, Johnny’s perception of Mrs. Tonne being in pain a lot of time and missing a lot of school in high school was not so far off after all, Johnny and Mrs. Tonne being in contact with each other and learning about each other, invitation to go to Ecuador from Mrs. Tonne and whether Johnny should go visit her, what would Johnny be doing in Ecuador if he went, the quirks and adjustments of living with someone; especially for Johnny because he has practically lived alone hxis whole life, opinions that marriage is a failing constitution and how it makes it a little harder for a partner to call it quits on a relationship, feelings that some people do not need a piece of paper (marriage) to make a commitment to another person, the definition of commitment and what is done to fulfill commitments so that the people you make commitments to are not disappointed, learning how to be in a relationship and being patient in order to build a good environment to have a good relationship, the impacts social life may have on relationships and breakups whether they are positive or negative, learning how to deal with breakups and adjusting to not being in a relationship, learning how to cope with the remnants of what is left when there is a breakup, what problems or characteristics call for or qualify a relationship for changes or compromises, how to decide when a relationship should end and how it should be ended.


Hosts: Johnny Wilde, Maria Ochoa


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