LOW 38 - In Sickness and In Health

Johnny asks the audience for help if they know how to work with WordPress. Dear is turning the BIG 20 on Tuesday. Anyone is welcome to send her happy birthday wishes. Johnny would really like to have Mrs. Tonne on the podcast using Skype and she is finding out that Johnny doesn’t like to type. Five years ago, Johnny began to feel his whole body hurt as if he had the flu. He went on a search for a primary care physician and the diagnosis was that he had fibromyalgia. He went on to see two more doctors and one of them added to the diagnosis that he had hyperactive nerves. Johnny has been to a plethora of psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors and to this day he is  seen the same psychiatrist for about 8 years. The psychiatrist has tried everything and nothing works. Johnny has tried everything the doctors have asked him to do in the order they prescribe it and nothing has worked. Four years ago, Johnny started to have severe stomach issues. Two years later, his left leg felt like it was charlie horsing all the time. On a date, the girl asked if he was limping because his leg hurt leading him go see a chiropractor. Recently a podiatrist recommended insoles. Not long ago, he enrolled in a fibromyalgia class of 20-25 people around the world. What the other people said really resonated with Johnny because their issues were really similar to Johnny’s. He realized that all the symptoms are related to fibromyalgia. Fibro fog is one of the symptoms where you have a hard time remembering things. Stress plays a key role with fibromyalgia. People have a hard time understanding how retiring from public life is related to fibromyalgia. Well, rescheduling of appointments made it hard that is why retirement from public life is better for his health. Johnny is going to do a looking back episode before retiring from public life. He is real curious to talk to Mrs. Tonne about fibromyalgia because she has too. He wants to talk MORE on how to live with it. He wants to learn how to manage and not want to die. By doing his podcast and blog, he hopes to help others so they can relate and feel understood. Finding people that are understanding enough about appointment cancellations and things like that are crucial when dealing with fibromyalgia. Podcast and blog work really well because he can do it on his time. His black and white thinking make it hard to have a little bit of public life. He is half way through life and discovered why is he spending so much time on changing things about himself when he could learn to be who he is. The weekly gadget is a doxie scanner with SD card that turns into a wifi connection that you can take wherever you go.


Hosts: Johnny Wilde




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