LOW 39 - MISS and More

Johnny talks about Mrs. Tonne and what he would like to do in the future, updates for lifeofwilde.com and any changes that may be coming sooner or later, MISS/The Disaster details of Johnny’s opinion of what happened. Dr. P and how the visits go, Johnny is not sure of what he wants to do with Dr. P., he and Maria talk about pros and cons of going to see Dr. P., Johnny’s prior visit to Dr. P. in the past and why he didn’t continue to see him at that time, Maria suggests some ideas on what to do with Dr. P. and the circumstances that Johnny has to deal with, what days Johnny goes to see Dr. P. to get treatment, Johnny invites one of his followers to join him on the podcast so that they can express their views of the podcast, the new diet that Johnny and Maria are just beginning to try out and they ask the audience for some help.

Hosts: Johnny Wilde, Maria Ochoa

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