LOW 41 - A Little Of Everything

Johnny and Maria talk about the new iphones that Apple has just come out with and they discuss the ultra new item that Apple is introducing to the market of electronics infused with fashion. Johnny brings up this new paleo diet (lifestyle), the ‘draining’ that he went through when he went to the doctor, and the easing up on retiring from public life? Johnny also brings up the missed in action friend, Amin, who has let Johnny know that he is planning to visit all the way from Canada! Whether this is a for sure thing is yet to be determined. Maria and Johnny then discuss the concept of communication. What roles does each person play with communication in terms of who is responsible for what and they also discuss the important role that communication plays into a relationship. What are some attributes to communication, pros and cons, and what is your role with communication? Following, deal breakers are brought up. Do you have any deal breakers when it comes to relationships? Johnny and Maria do. They discuss what some are of their deal breakers are and how they play a large role into continuing a relationship and how to deal with struggles and challenges that combat deal breakers. Do you part ways with someone who breaks one of your deal breakers? Maria then brings up how the past may play a role into the type of person that you are and whether you should let the past slip into your present and Johnny tunes in with trusting people, emotions, and lots more. Tune in!

Hosts: Johnny Wilde, Maria Ochoa

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