LOW 43 - Three's A Crowd

Johnny starts off the conversation by admiring a new gadget he has that he has been waiting for for a while now. Johnny and Maria then go into the details about the paleo diet. They talk about the guidelines, what you should or shouldn’t eat, and benefits. They talk about about some recipes that they really like including the recipe that Johnny likes the most. Maria then mentions that she wants to start writing her own segment on the website. It won’t be anything in particular but do be watching out for something of that sort in the near future. Johnny starts talking about an scenario that he has used to explain something to Maria and how this scenario applies to staying level headed and kind when someone else is not being so nice. Yet, Maria has managed to misunderstand the scenario. As the scenario is drawn out it manages to get personal and get related to the things that Johnny and Maria have going on in their lives. They start discussing issues they are facing. As a result emotions get stirred up so tune it to find out what happens!


Hosts: Johnny Wilde, Maria Ochoa

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