LOW 44 - You Ask Why, I Ask Why Not

Amin and Maria discuss why they are both present recording a podcast. Maria explains a little bit about why and how she got to where she is now in terms of a relationship. Amin talks about him coming for a visit and how he disappeared for a little while. Not long after, Johnny joins the conversation and mentions where he and Maria stand in terms of a relationship or not. Johnny brings up the topic of scheduling things far in advance and asks Amin why he has a hard time making commitments that are far out. Amin responds as to why he is that way and then Maria comments about one major thing of why Amin might not like things schedules so far out. Johnny begins to thank Amin for his visit and for being considerate and understanding of the current circumstances. Tune in!

Hosts: Amin Rahmani, Johnny Wilde, Maria Ochoa

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