LOW 45 - Relationships, Speedconnect, & Randomness

The conversation starts out by Johnny pointing out to Maria that since the last podcast was put out Maria and Johnny had just gotten back together and she is still here. Then the topic of planning for a marriage vs. planning for a wedding goes up for debate. Johnny thinks that people spend more planning their wedding instead of planning for their marriage. Such as who is going to do dishes and so forth vs. where do you want to have the wedding. Figuring who does what in the relationship can be a little tricky it seems to be. Johnny’s biggest point is what do you do when your partner does not follow through on what they say consistently, to the point where you don’t want to ask them to do anything? What Johnny and Maria are both learning is the importance of communication. Now to a different topic, an internet provider! SpeedConnect is who Johnny and Maria use for their internet provider and ever since Zipnet was bought out by SpeedConnect things are not the same. There is a possibility for some internet changes. Tune in to find out

Hosts: Johnny Wilde@lifeofwilde , Maria Ochoa

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