I Hate You--Don't Leave Me - Part 10

This concludes my overview of the book. The last chapter was probably one of the best if not the best ones. It talks about change and how someone needs to change for themselves and not for anyone else. It emphasizes the importance of hard work and awareness. I was very surprised to find the serenity prayer in this chapter as well. The serenity prayer is part of Al-Anon and AA meetings. It just came together very well in the end. It put all the puzzle pieces together to where you can understand the goal and purpose of the book which was to inform and educate about what you can do and what the people around you can do when you have a personality disorder. I liked most the emphasis on change. Change can be very hard but not impossible. I have also learned from personal experience that change only happens when you are willing and open to it and when you do it for yourself. If you ever do anything for anyone else it will not last. I have done it. Change is inevitable in so many ways and at times change is forced upon you to where you don’t have choice. If it were me I would be the one choosing to change because then you will learn more from the journey. Learn all you can from your journey.