I Hate You--Don't Leave Me - Part 9

I was not particularly interested in this chapter because it was very similar to the last one. The only difference was that they went into greater detail about specific medications and which medications treat what. Like I mentioned before, you really need to be educated about medications if you are going to take them. In the chapter they talk about what the side effects may be from the different medications and importance of taking the right medication. The thought that keeps running through my head is to remember that just because someone tells you are sick does not mean that you have to take any medication. I have learned that when you first enter the mental health field the professionals are so quick to put a label on you so that they can put you on some medication. Medication cannot be only answer. Yes, medications may help but it is not the end all be all. Lastly, medications play both devil’s advocate and savior. It is a fine line to walk. Just be self-aware. - Dear