Is It Obvious?

I have decided that I want these post to come out. Written in the first part of October
*Referred to LOW Podcast 44
I'm sure it's obvious to people that have been reading and listening to LOW that everything between Dear and I is not just peachy perfect. It's kind of funny some of the things that Dear and Littleone have in common. Or at least how the relationships have some things in common.

When I initially met both of them neither one was my type so to speak. I just thought that they were a lot of fun but nothing would really come of it. Turns out these are my two most serious relationships to date. When I met Dear, I most certainly wasn't looking for a girlfriend much less a relationship. We started spending a lot of time together and she was a lot of fun and we seemed to just get along. In fact, I remember telling her she was like a breath of fresh air. And she was.

It's kind of funny to go back and listen to some of the early podcasts and read some of the things I wrote. I said on the podcast that neither one of us wanted a relationship but we enjoyed being with each other. We had made a deal that when and if we wanted to see other people we would just tell each other that and deal with that as it went along. Looking back I see how naïve that was but at the time it seemed perfectly reasonable. Indeed, had I met someone that I wanted to go out on a date with I would've just told her and that would've been that. Well what I have since found out is that is what we agreed upon except.....