LOW 46 - Merry Christmas Barbara Elayne!

This episode of LOW is commenced by Johnny discussing why the LOW episodes are no longer going to have a date. Maria seems to indifferent on whether there is a date mentioned in the podcast or not. Moving on to Johnny realizing that he does not know a lot of a certain topic. He admits that it is harder to listen to your own advice then to give advice and Maria agrees with him. He talks about the two major relationships he has had in his life, how they are different and how they are the same. Johnny mentions in passing a subscription service that he really likes. Nearing the end, Johnny decides to wants to read to a letter he received from a girl in 1996. He came across this letter while cleaning off his desk! Imagine that! It is not a long letter, it just happens to utilize many small notepad pages. Listen to find out who this mysterious girl is!

Hosts: Johnny Wilde@lifeofwilde , Maria Ochoa

Links: www.barkbox.com

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